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Services for members​​

Company Registration



If you are interested to setup a company in Thailand, we can complete the task for you.  The process starts with checking availability of the company's name.  We can do this for you for free.  Following with the application document which will take some effort.  No worry, we can help you out.  Email us to get a free advice.

Working Space for Daily Rental



If you are in Bangkok and need working space on a daily basis, we can provide you with internet connection, printer, copy machine, and a desktop for you to work on.  Let us know your need. The rental fee is as low as 500 Thai Baht a day. Email us for the availability.

Notary Public


If you need your document to be notarized while in Thailand.  We have an international Notary Public qualified for the job.  All you need to do is to prepare your document and your identity.

Email us your document to start the work or make appointment. 

Accounting Service & CPA.

For those having business in Thailand or having to deal with accounting & tax matters while in the country, we can help you handle all of these with peace of mind  Email us for a free advice.

Phone Reception Service



If you want a Thai phone number and someone to receive a call in Thai.   Consider using our Phone Reception Service.  We will receive the phone in Thai and take a message for you in English. The service fee is 500 THB a month. Email us your document to start the service.

Translation from Thai to English



When your incoming mail is in Thai, and you would want it to be translated into English.  We have professionals to do the job for you, especially when the documents need preciseness.  The members will get discounted prices on all translation. The fee is as low as 500 Thai Baht a page. Email us your document to start the work.

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